The 2018 update of the fantastic Vision Challenge and Workshop is here. 

 Build the life of your dreams and rest in the assurance you are on track to succeed!

"This course has been nothing short of miraculous for those who attended". - Carol B.

vision workshop CD
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From the Desk of Len Mooney
February 25, 2018

The most important single factor determining your success or failure in your Home based Business is your mindset. If you mind isn't in the right place nothing else matters. You are sure to fail unless you program your mind for success! Discover how to program your suconscious for success in this awesome workshop!

Unleash The Awesome Power Of Your Subconscious Mind!

We are spiritual beings who have chosen to manifest into a physical universe. As such we are connected to infinite intelligence and we have the power, through the use of our subconscious mind, to create our future, our destiny , our abundance. In this workshop we will learn to harness this awesome power!

Craft Your Vision For Success!

It has often been said that the pain pushes you until your vision pulls you. Without a powerful vision to pull you through the tough times, you will throw up your hands in frustration and quit. We will craft a compelling vision that will be powerful and pull you through the tough times.

Develop Your Power To Believe!

It has often been said that what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  But what about you?  Do you believe you deserve success?  Can you taste, smell, feel and see success in your future?  If not, then this workshop is for you!

vision workshop CD

The Ultimate Vision Workshop

A 6 Module Workshop To Attract Anything you want into your life, more love, more sales, more success!
Here's What You Get Inside:
MODULE 1: The Power Of Thought!

Learn to harness the power of thought to get anything you want including more sales, more leads, more prospects, a better relationship....

  • Who are you really and where do you come from?
  • Why is the "Secret" a Secret and who is doing the hiding
  • Tap into the infinite power of universal energy to control your destiny.
  • Understand how thought manifests into it's physical equivalent.
  • Discover the role feelings play in manifesting your desires into physical reality
MODULE 2: Your Core Values

Jump out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm and conviction because your core values, your vision, your dominant thoughts and your beliefs are aligned, congruent and directed by you!

  • Discover  how to determine your core values.
  • Structure your life so that you are firing on all cylinders because your mission and you core values are aligned.
  • Align your vision and your core values
MODULE 3: Your Life Purpose (Dear God Why Am I here?)

Would you like to know what your major life purpose is?  Do you ever wander what you are doing here?  Find out today.

  • Uncover your major purpose in life (It may not be what you think)
  • Learn how to structure your life so your major purpose is aligned with your vision.
  • Create a mission statement that is compelling and on point to guide you
MODULE 4: Craft Your Crystal Clear Vision For Success

It has often been said that pain pushes us until our vision pulls us.  But how does one craft a vision for success that sticks in the tough times?  

  • Discover how to craft a vision that aligns with your core values and beliefs.
  • Create a vidsion so powerful that the naysayers cannot affect you.
  • You will know who you are and where you are going
MODULE 5: Build Unshakeable Belief In Yourself

In order to succeed, you must believe in your self.  You must believe you are worthy of wealth, worthy of that great relationship, worthy of the life you want.  You must become the leader people are looking for! Can you do that?  Yes! Here is how!

  • Learn to to build unshakeable belief in you.
  • Understand where procrastination comes from and how to overcome it..
  • DIscover the origin of overwhelm and how to defeat it.
  • Discover the beliefs necessary to be a pinnacle leader!
MODULE 6: Bonus: The Art of Receiving

Your ability to gracefully accept gifts from the universe is paramount to your success.  If you struggle with receiving, you limits of self worth are holding you back

  • Discover the five core skills to receiving
  • Learn why loving yourself is critical to your success
  • Develop an anchor behaviour and let it catapult you to success
  • Explore the importance of your daily morning routine to crush your day
  • Anchor your daily success with a bedtime routine to develop your subconscious awareness


Don't just take our word for it, look at what others had to say!
Bill Moore 2

"I have attended several training sessions that Len Mooney conducted on several Internet marketing topics. Len has a knack of breaking down complex topics into simple, step by step solutions that are easy to follow weeks after completing the training sessions. What really impressed me was the fact that Len went out of his way to provide assistance after the training sessions. When you are all alone trying to figure out something, you can always count on getting assistance from Len
Bill MooreInternet Marketer

Chris Shouse

"I have studied with Len Mooney on many things. One of the most important things I have learned from Len is MINDSET and AFFIRMATIONS are right up there as the most important things you can do for your home business. This workshop will change your thinking.
Chris ShouseInternet Marketer

Bob Miller

"Len Mooney hit a homerun with his first live workshop mentioning several of his mentors like Robert Hollis, Susan Shearer Young, Jack Canfield, Napoleon Hill, Diane Hochman and Larry Hochman

Attending Len Mooney's online workshop, it is very very insightful. Thank you Len ."

Bob MillerBob Miller Success

vision workshop CD
Regular Price $97  Only $49 Add To Cart Add To Cart

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These special limited-time bonuses will help kick start your progress!
BONUS: 1 Your Personal Vision Worksheet $19VALUE

This worksheet will guide you through the journey of crafting your vision for what your life will be like 3 years or 5 years from now.  Without a strong vision, you will not succeed

  • Without vision, the people perish
  • Your vision is what will pull you through the tough times.
  • It has been said that your pain pushes you until your vision pulls you
BONUS: 2 Secrets to Success (ebook) $29VALUE
11 Secrets To Financial Success

Want to uncover the secrets to your success.  This is it!

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BONUS 3: Core Values Worksheet $19VALUE
Core values

Jump out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm and conviciton because your core values, your vision, your dominat thoughts and your eliefs are aligned, congruent and directed by you!

  • 150 values for your to choose from to help you identify your personal core values
  • Once you identify and prioritize your core values, you will on the roaad to success.
  • You can then craft you life purpose and vision to be congruent with and aligned with your core values.

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MODULE 1: The Power of Thought

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MODULE 2: Your Core values Identified


MODULE 3: Your Major Life Purpose


MODULE 4: Craft Your Vision for Success


MODULE 5: Develop Unshakeable Belief


MODULE 6: Bonus: The Art Of Receiving


BONUS: 1 Your Personal Vision Worksheet


BONUS: 2 Secrets to Success e Book


BONUS 3: Your Core values Worksheet



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Regular Price $97  Only $49 Add To Cart Add To Cart

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Don't just take our word for it, look at what others had to say!

"I have recently completed a five-day course given by Len Mooney entitled, “Mindset, Goals and Vision”

I’d like to tell you a little bit about his course, as I found it to be one of the most intriguing and outstanding courses I have experienced.

This course has been nothing short of miraculous for those who attended. He starts the course with helping you to understand your child hood and explains the “why” you are who you are from the very beginning. He explains in detail just how important we all are and gives you guidance to improve “you”.

He then goes thru the “Art of Receiving” along with your Mindset, Goals and your Visions. Showing in detail the “how” to have the right mindset and exactly what is needed to accomplish anything you set out to do. Along with the importance of self-awareness to accomplish this goal.

He also talks quite a bit about our ancient history, and where we were from, to explain our growth and just how powerful each of us are from our ancestry alone. Thus, explaining how our very thoughts can become our reality.

He also covers many other things such as one’s awareness and what we want to become and how to achieve that reality. Along with defining your life’s purpose, what your vision is and how to stay on course and “Win the Game” …

I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about become successful. One needs to understand the very basic principles in play with one’s ability to succeed. Len’s course gives you this insight and a way to prepare one’s self for success…

Well done Len.

Thank you for all the time I know must have gone into this course.

God Bless

Carol B Earl


"Len. You did a bang-up job on that webinar today. It was easy to see you had spent quite a bit of time preparing, and that you are passionate about what you do (the teaching part, especially).

Len, sending love and gratitude your way. I had a long list of Saturday "chores" around the house and didn't think I should sit and listen to yet another webinar while letting those things go. However, the list of what you intended to cover reeled me in. You are correct--we do know these things, but may not be putting them into action. You have given me much to think through, and now a way to do it better. Thanks for all you do!

Karen Anderson

Industry Top Earner